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Stephen-John Curtis & Shaq Koyok: Home

Stephen-John Curtis & Shaq Koyok: June 2014


Tujal and the Wind, an original Orang Asli tale by Stephen-John Curtis, uses three languages - English, Malay and Temuan (indigenous tribe of Selangor). It was illustrated by contemporary indigenous artist Shaq Koyok. They both visited Alice Smith in 2014, and the book became part of the 2015 Novel Knockout competition.

Stephen-John Curtis

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Stephen-John Curtis has over twenty years of teaching experience and experience in curriculum design for Performing Arts and English for secondary education in Australia and South East Asia. He wrote Tujal and the Wind featuring Shaq Koyok indigenous contemporary art.

Shaq Koyok

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Shahar Koyok aka Shaq Koyok is a contemporary artist of the indigenous Temuan tribe of Selangor. In his early year, the land developer has encroached the jungle around his village and now it reflecting in his many works, that trauma in his childhood has fueled his passion and led him to fight for his people land and rights. He loves to explore many medium of art, from contemporary painting to installation art.