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Transportation in the city

 Each day, we ride in cars, trains, and buses. Vehicles honk, zoom, and clang as they take us to the places we need to go. Take a trip and learn all about transportation in the city.

 H Is for Honk!: A Transportation Alphabet


Do you like fast cars, big trucks, and winding roads? Learn all the ins and outs of getting around in H Is for Honk!

A selection of fiction books


Series: Rev it up!

Series: Mighty machines

Series: Transportation zone

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Getting Around the City

Realistic (fiction), 83 words, Level D (Grade 1)

Everyone in the family uses a different mode of transportation to get where they are going. Mom uses the car, while Grandpa takes a taxi. The story ends with a mode of transportation almost anyone can enjoy.


Going Away

Fantasy (fiction), 80 words, Level C (Grade K)

Going Away is a story about three children who think of many ways to travel, including by car, boat, plane, bike, balloon, train, rocket, and on foot. The repetitive text pattern is supported by delightful illustrations.


Going Places

Informational (nonfiction), 48 words, Level A (Grade K)

This simple early-level reader shows students different different ways they can get around, from planes to horses. Photos accompany the text in one-to-one correspondence for easy reading.


A Nation on Wheels

Informational (nonfiction), 763 words, Level P (Grade 2)

There are over 200 million cars and trucks just in the United States. From Henry Ford's invention of the Model T. in 1903, the popularity of the automobile has skyrocketed. Ford's invention of the assembly line allowed him to manufacture more cars faster, which made cars more affordable to the general public. How has the car industry changed and what does the future hold for automobile companies around the world? Photographs and charts support the text.

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