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Shamini Flint: Mar 2017

Photo from Booked Out Speakers Agency.  

Shamini Flint has written a whole host of books for key stage one and beyond. From her  beautiful ‘Jungle Blues’ and ‘Panda Packs Her Bags’ to the intrepid ‘Sasha Visits…’ series, right through to her ‘Diary of... ‘ books, which delve into the life of Marcus Atkinson and his father’s unrelenting belief that his son is a sporting superstar; and finally to her ‘Inspector Singh Investigates...’ series which takes Singapore’s finest investigator around the great cities of Asia and beyond, solving calamitous crimes and murders. Shamini Flint has entertained all age groups with her own take on the world of crime, the environment, Asia’s wondrous places and the day to day life of young boys! So this is an ideal opportunity to get to know her a little bit more or reacquaint yourself with her writing.

Shamini hosted a series of assemblies for all classes, and parents of year 5 & 6 children will have the opportunity to join their children’s assembly and listen to her discuss her life, her journey from top Lawyer to renowned writer and returning to Malaysia and the far east. A Question and Answer session will enable children and parents alike to ‘cross-examine’ her and find out what makes her tick!

The children acquired great insight into both the books and life of a local author and maybe pick up a few tips along the way!


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