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What is Series?

In both libraries, we have Series Collections that are expanding all the time. Series Collections are based around either a character or linked characters or settings and scenarios that have common characteristics, for example Geronimo Stilton, Percy Jackson or Beast Quest. Many of the stories require you to read the books in sequence in order to understand the role some characters or events have had on the current story/series edition. Some, however, can be read as stand-alone stories. Our series books are labelled  and house in one area. The spine label will have F as they are classified as fiction, followed by the first three letters of the author's surname. You may look for series label stickers on the shelves to assist you to locate the specific series book that you are looking for. 

Many students love to follow the character they know and feel comfortable with the format. This can be very helpful for children on a number of levels for example, knowing it will end okay makes them feel secure; they can identify with the characters that they are familiar with and this can validate them. Reading the whole set can be relaxing: the familiarity with the syntax and style allows the reader to immerse themselves in the narrative and not get distracted from the understanding of the text that unfamiliar formats can do. A sense of accomplishment can also be added into the mix. Readers can gain confidence through reading familiar formats and this boosts their self-esteem. Sometimes the need to have an ‘easy’ read is vital and is part of learning how to relax which is vital for our children to learn how to do and their wellbeing; this is akin to us as adults taking a ‘summer’ read or rereading a favourite book.

Although it may be challenging for parents to listen to at times, have faith in that this is a stepping stone to being a better reader and more importantly, for the child to see themselves as a reader and one who is growing in confidence. 

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Series are organised in two tall shelves with the labels of the series on the side.                                   Series are kept on separate shelves on the right side of the library with the labels of the series covers and series titles.