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Sally Heinrich: Home

Sally Heinrich: Feb 2014

Photo from MidnightSun Publishing website.

Sally Heinrich is an author, illustrator and artist who has illustrated over 30 books. She came to our school in Feb 2014, spoke to the Pre-school up to the Year 4 children. Sally inspired the children by sharing her experiences about how she started writing and illustrating books and also about her artworks. 

Visit Sally website for more details about her current activities and artworks.

Checkout books were written and illustrated by Sally Heinrich from our library OPAC.

The Most Beautiful Lantern by Sally Heinrich

Summary: The Mid-Autumn Festival is Mei-Ling's favourite celebration. She is looking forward to taking part in a lantern parade with all her friends. But what type of lantern will she choose? She is determined to have the most beautiful lantern in the whole parade, but it isn't so easy to decide.