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KLASS Primary Library: World Book Day

2018 World Book Day Book Sale!

Book Sale and UNESCO World Book Day- Dress up By Ms Krupa

What a great week we have had in The KS1 library: each day has seen classes, teachers, teaching assistants and parents come to the library and buy a whole range of books from the pop-up bookshop.  The children have been so excited and watching them and chatting to them about their choices has been great. They have been both polite and respectful and watching children from Preschool upwards handling and exchanging their money and all that that involves, has been amazing: some are very switched on and super mathematicians!  Thank you to all the parents who have participated and supported the bookshop, we hope you enjoyed it too!

2018 World Book Day Dress up!

UNESCO World Book Day - Monday - Dress up for some!

As you will probably be aware, we will be celebrating  UNESCO World Book Day on Monday and a number of activities will be taking place. Parents have a book or Kindle at the ready because across the whole JB campus, we will be promoting a love of reading: ERIC or Everybody Read In Class will take place between 8:00 am and 8:30 am! Listen out for the tannoy announcement to signal the start of our World Book Day events.

Some classes are dressing up along with teachers and various members of staff and we will be having special assemblies and events depending on your child’s year group and class.  Please make sure you check what your child’s class is doing and that they come in with their favourite book or the book related to their costume! We are looking forward to having a great time celebrating, what we think is an amazing event- celebrating a love of books and reading.