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KLASS Primary Library: Key Stage 1 Library

The Key Stage 1 Library is situated near the main office.

This library has a dual function: its primary role is that of the classroom, where the Teacher Librarian leads a 40-minute lesson with each of the 17 Key Stage 1 and Early Years classes. Each year group is taught how to checkout their own books, develop their ability to make increasingly varied choices, introduced to new authors, taught how to navigate the library and develop a greater understanding of Fiction and Non-Fiction books and how they function.  They will have the opportunity to listen to stories, song and poetry and develop their own attitudes and book preferences. They will have the opportunity to respond to books in a variety of ways; this might include asking and answering questions, drama, song, art or creating their own oral storytelling or completing tasks, for example, identifying parts of nonfiction texts, going on alphabet hunts or developing their own character names.  

It is also where essential cataloguing, sourcing, collection development and the mapping of books is undertaken as well as repairing and covering of new and existing books and the training of library staff.  At these times, the library is not open to parents.

The Library’s second function is as a community space: the library plays host to various events, for example, book sale, parent workshops, PTA functions, Farewell and Welcome meetings, as well as the annual Nativity season. At these times, the library may be subject to different opening hours, so please read the notices for changes to routines.