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KLASS Primary Library: Challenging Reads

Challenging reads

Challenging Reads: Blue Labelled Books and Key Stage 2; books for Key Stage 1 Children

Within the Key Stage 2 Library, there is a section of Blue Labelled books. These books are available to year 6 students.

These books have content that may cover areas that are emotionally or personally more challenging or of a more grown-up and realistic nature. This may lead to questions that may require discussion with an adult. Should your child have any questions, we think that this is a great opportunity to develop their understanding with open discussion, within the safe environment of the home; this is invaluable in supporting our children in their understanding of the world, people’s beliefs and experiences, as well as understanding the book better!
If you are unsure about a book and do not have time to read it yourself prior to letting your child borrow it, a number of *sites can give you a suggested interest and content age.  Our children’s ability to read does not always correspond to their maturity or what you might want them to read, so please consider this before allowing them to borrow books with blue labels.

This is also true of Key Stage 1 children borrowing books from the Key Stage 2 library.  Many children can read texts that are above their chronological age - they may well have a decoding age that is above that, however, please consider the appropriateness of the text - have you read it yourself?


*Check out these two free access websites for checking the appropriateness and reading age level of the books.