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What is picture fiction?

The category Picture Fiction or Picture books, usually come in a larger format compared to novels and the text is illustrated throughout the book. The illustrations form a major part of the understanding of the text and are used to enhance the story. Using picture fiction and wordless books (where the whole narrative requires the child/adult to interpret the story without words) develops a number of key literacy skills, as well as pure enjoyment, awe and wonder!

The literacy skills that are developed include the more straightforward retrieval skills, for example, ' How many cats can you see in this picture?' to the more higher-order inference and deduction skills, for example,
'The boy is smiling, how do you think he is feeling?'' Or, 'Why do you think the illustrator /author has 
included .

The reader has to interpret the images and this also requires them to draw on their own knowledge of the story.


How we arrange and label picture fiction?

In the library, picture books spine will have PF indicates picture fiction, followed by three letters of the author's surname. On the left top corner, there will be alphabet stickers represent the first letter of the author's surname. 



Where to locate picture fiction?

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Located on the left side of the library, find it on shelves with the alphabets letters signage on top.                                 Located on the left side of the library, the curved shelves with picture fiction signage on top.