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What is Non-fiction?

Our Non-fiction collection is ever evolving in both libraries and is expanding all the time. Non-fiction covers writing that is believed to be based in fact: information books, cookery, sport, history, science, customs and traditions, biographies and many more come under the broad umbrella that is non-fiction.

In our libraries, to assist the children in locating books, we have organised the books under broad headings and these can be identified by a black sticker with a symbol attached to the genre; these groupings are defined by their Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and within that, we still shelve the books according to the DDC number.


However to support the student’s understanding of the differences between fiction and non-fiction, we have moved Poetry, Plays. Drama, Fairy Tales and Myths and Legends to the fiction section in the KS2 Library. Their spine label, as with all KS2 fiction, uses a capital L and the first three letters of the authors' surname or family name.

You will find posters on the wall identifying the subjects covered by each symbol and the dividers on the shelves (also in black) have the symbol on them for easy identification and ease of access on the shelves.

In the KS1 Library, we have a section that houses the non-fiction content and also is organised by symbols. Each book has a sticker on the top right-hand corner of the front cover and each book box contains the corresponding black label and symbol.  In this way, we encourage the children to identify the genre and type of books they want to read and also where to put books back.

Fairytales, Poetry, Myths and Legends have symbols but the signage is green to draw a distinction between the non-fiction section. 


Non-fiction location

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Non-fiction books are located on the right side of the library with the symbols on top of each shelf represent the subjects/topics.  Non-fiction books are located on the left side of the library with the subjects/topics label on top of the shelves.          



Nonfiction Reading List

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