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Novel Knockout 2013: Home

Novel Knockout Competition - 9 May 2013

The KL Novel Knockout is an initiative of the Kuala Lumpur Library Network.

Teams from International Schools across Kuala Lumpur will compete at The Alice Smith School (Primary Campus). The Middle School Competition will be followed by the Elementary School Competition.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation and will take part in a celebratory lunch after the competition.

Members of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams will receive a commemorative medal.

Our sponsors Wheelers & myON Reader have provided the following prizes for the winning schools.

Wheelers will provide a free ePlatform for the winning school in each division and will provide a selection of books to get them started.

myON Reader will provide the winning schools with a 6 months myON reader subscription and included in this prize would be a myON reader Professional Development Webinar for each school to make sure their implementation gets off to a successful start.

These are both totally different and very exciting eBook solutions and will be a fantastic addition to any schools library collection.

The  Kuala Lumpur Library Network is extremely grateful for the support provided by our sponsors.

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Interested to Join?

Choose a team of friends consists of 4 members.
Register your team with teacher librarian and named your team.
You may start reading now!

Y5 & Y6 Novel Knockout teams so far...

Book Bulls

YO! with a big afro

Reading 5

Biscuit Base




Smarties and Nerds

Crossword Clues

KSI Army

Purple Moustache

Novel Killers

Herd of the Galaxy

Army Ants


Raging Readers

Librarian's Reserves

Practice Questions

Sample questions were written by Novel Knockout Club.