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Magazines in libraries

We have a range of magazines in our KS2 library and a small collection in our KS1 library. The magazines in KS2 cover a wide range of interests from science and how things work, from pets to ecology and other popular editions such as: Lego, Horrible Histories, Jacqueline Wilson and range of football subscriptions. Each students may borrow 1 magazine for 1 week at a time as the demand for them is high. In KS1, the range is smaller covering editions such as Mr Men and Charlie and Lola. These can be looked at in the library and at this time not available for borrowing. The magazine is a periodical publication, the subscription will be renewed yearly.

Magazine location

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Magazines in KS1 are kept in the magazine rack near the sofa seating area.                                                                                                                     Magazines in KS2 are kept in the magazine shelves at the opposite of the front door. The latest issue is on display, backdated issue are kept underneath the shelves.