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Fiction collection

Our libraries have a wonderful wide range of fiction texts.  Fiction books are defined as texts literature in the form of prose, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people. We have paperbacks, hardbacks, large format and the crossover with Picture Fiction and wordless books as well as poetry, drama, myths and legends, graphic novels and fairy tales is the testament to many different forms fiction takes. Straightforward fiction in our library is housed in the carousel book storage, book boxes and on the shelves has a label on the spine that includes an F ( for fiction) and the first three letters of the Author’s family /surname e.g. a book by Chris Riddell would have an F and below that RID written. On our bookshelves, in the fiction areas, the books are organised alphabetically, and have the relevant letter of the alphabet signposting where that starts, to aid access for our students.


Fiction location

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
On the right side of the library, find it on a row of the white shelf with the black alphabet signage.                                                      On the right side of the library, find the five black shelves with alphabets signage on top.                                                                   


Fiction reading list

Adventure Stories

Animal Stories

Bedtime Stories

Classic Stories

Detective Stories

Diaries & Letters

Fairy Stories

Fantasy Stories

Historical Stories

Horror Stories

Humourous Stories


Magical Stories

Mystery Stories

Pirate Stories

Princes & Princesses

Realistic Fiction

Royalty Stories

Science Fiction

Sport Stories

Superhero Stories

Survival Stories

War Stories

Witch Stories




Myths & Legends




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