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Equine Park - Library Home: Science

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What we keep...

We subscribe to a wide range of newspapers and magazines both in hard copy and online. In addition we also purchase magazines for recreational on an ad hoc basis.

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Information Sources


Hard Copy


BBC Knowledge (Asia Edition) HC

BBC Knowledge Magazine containing articles about the world around us, the history that has shaped our existence upon it and, the science that has driven it and continues to propel us into the future.

BBC Focus HC

Focus is the science magazine for the Inquisitive mind. Every month we bring you all that's new and exciting in science, technology and the natural world.





Newscientist WWW

Access the most comprehensive round up of the news, ideas and latest discoveries in science and technology


Scientific American WWW

Its articles and features anticipate what the breakthroughs and the news will be in a society increasingly dependent upon scientific and technological advances.


Press Reader

Animals Voice PR

Animal's Voice is the official publication of SPCA Auckland and New Zealand's No.1 pet magazine.  Its packed with interesting features and articles about animal care and well-being, and helps support the good work of SPCA Auckland.

Science Illustrated PR

Science Illustrated is the magazine for intellectually curious people with a passion for science, discovery and adventure.






Click here to download the NewScientist app from App Store / Google Play / Windows Store


Scientific American

Click here to download the NewScientist app for iPad only.

Wider Reading for Science

The library has many resources to help students broaden their subject knowledge. The sources are not necessarily directly related to the curriculum but are great for improving your big picture awareness.

KS3 Science Wider Reading

Video Resources