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What we keep...

We subscribe to a wide range of newspapers and magazines both in hard copy and online. In addition we also purchase magazines for recreational on an ad hoc basis.

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Information Sources


Hard Copy

Allons-y! HC

  • Beginners/elementary
  • A1
  • KS3/P7-S1 Yrs 7-8

Bonjour HC

  • Pre-intermediate
  • A2
  • KS3/S1-2 Yrs 8-9, GCSE Foundation

Ca Va? HC

  • Intermediate
  • A2/B1
  • GCSE Foundation/Higher/S3-4 Yrs 10-11

Chez Nous HC

  • Advanced
  • B1/B2
  • AS and A-level/S5-6/Highers


Mary Glasgow French WWW

Every subscription comes with unlimited access to our website, including our teacher's resource archive and live language Chatter for students. Login details required to access the rich text content. 

Press Reader

Metro (French Edition) PR

French newspaper.