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Equine Park - Library Home: Design Technology

Equine Park Library Hub

What we keep...

We subscribe to a wide range of newspapers and magazines both in hard copy and online. In addition we also purchase magazines for recreational on an ad hoc basis.

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Reading Lists for Design & Technology

The library works with departments to generate reading lists both for Sixth Form and KS4.

Big Picture Wider reading


Hard Copy


Wallpaper HC

Wallpaper* is the most important design and style magazine. It attracts the global audience by consistently pushing into new creative ideas and ensuring its coverage of everything from architecture to monitoring, fashion to travel, and interiors to jewellery.

Threads Magazine HC

From learning sewing fundamentals to mastering advanced skills, Threads covers every aspects of garment sewing: inspiring ideas, patterns, fabrics, insider secrets and designer techniques for adapting patterns, fitting, tailoring and embellishments.




Threads Magazine WWW

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Wallpaper* WWW

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Press Reader

Process Engineering PR

News, analysis, application and solutions. The trusted source of process engineering developments for more than 50 years.


Electronics For You PR

A magazine for the electronics fraternity. From micro-controllers to VCD players, from PCB designing software to UPS systems, from industrial automation tools to software languages, these are all regularly covered and represented in the magazine.

Business of Fashion PR

An essential daily resource for fashion creative. It plays a directional and supporting role in the evolution of branded fashion in Indian retail industry.

3D World PR

Explore new CG technique and discover inspiring new artwork, animation and VFX with 3D World, the world's best-selling monthly magazine for CG artists.





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