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Baju (Clothing)

Most Malaysians dress as Westerners do but many Muslim women wear long skirts/pants and head scarves.

On special occasions, people from each ethnic group wear their traditional clothes.

Malays: For Malay women, they wear the baju kurung; Malay men wear the baju melayu with a songkok on the head.
Alternatively, the men wear batik shirts with trousers.

Indians: Indian women wear the sari. The salwar kameez or Punjabi suit is popular with northern Indian ladies. The kurta is the traditional attire for men on formal occasions.

Chinese women: The traditional clothes for Chinese women is the cheongsam (literally 'long dress') or qipao.

Peranakan ladies: Also known as Baba Nyonya, they are Chinese immigrants who married Malay partners. They wear the elegant kebaya that can be described as traditional high fashion.

Source: Malaysia Clothing

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