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Thinking about War: Newspapers & Images

Year 6

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines provide Primary source material. Click on the banners below to read the articles

The GuardianCentury - Newspaper articles by Year

15 February 1942 - The fall of Singapore

Click on the banner below and then the page thumbnail to read the front page on the day

Sunday Times

This newspaper comes from NewspaperSG you can visit the page and find more articles like these ones that appeared during the Battle of Singapore

6 May 1945 - The end of WWII

Click on the banner below to see a facsimile of the New York Times

New York Times

This newspaper came from the Canadian War Museum . Search for newspaper articles here.

Use their  glossary that will give you ideas of words to search for.

20 February 1942 - Bombing of Darwin

Click on the banner to access the article, then follow the PDF link 

Find more Australian newspaper articles on TROVE and read the Australian Women's Weekly by clicking on the cover

4 September 1939 - Time Magazine 

Search Time magazine here

The Times - UK

Due to copyright restrictions these facsimiles are not available to the general public. Students genuinely accessing them for school work assigned by The Alice Smith School can contact the library for a password.

Hover your mouse over the link to see the keywords associated with this page.


Hover over the image for more information

Click on the image to see an enlargement & the source of the image

Follow the link for more information

British prisoners at DunkerqueDunkerque

Hiroshima - The AftermathHiroshima







South East Asia






The Blitz



South East Asia

More images