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Librarian's Knowledge Sharing Workshop - Job Alike Weekend: Tips for facilitators

For Librarians from FOBISSEA Schools and the Kuala Lumpur Librarians' Network on 5 & 6th October 2012.

Some ideas

  • Contact the other facilitators of your session
  • Let them know what you would like to talk about
  • Most sessions are 90 minutes (check the program) 
  • Prepare a short introduction to the topic from your perspective


    • 5 minutes talking
    • 5 minutes powerpoint
  • Total intro time from all presenters no more than 20-25 mins
  • If appropriate use the next 40-45 to break participants into groups for hands-on workshopping


    • This may be a workshop that runs for 45 mins or 3 workshops / discussion points that people talk about for 15 mins and then rotate to the next one.
    • This is flexible - brainstorm with your co-presenters. It may be more appropriate to keep all participants in a single group. 
  • Plenary - facilitators bring the group back together
    • Share ideas developed during previous 60-70 mins
    • Answer questions
    • Provide details of how to access information discussed in the session

Flow Chart