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Librarian's Knowledge Sharing Workshop - Job Alike Weekend: Katie Day

For Librarians from FOBISSEA Schools and the Kuala Lumpur Librarians' Network on 5 & 6th October 2012.


Katie Day is an American who has lived overseas for 24 years. She worked as a school librarian in Thailand before arriving in Singapore in 2005, which is when she first met and started collaborating with Barb Philip Reid.

Katie is now Head of Libraries at United World College - East in Singapore.



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Previous workshops/presentations

Curation: accessing information, making sense and using information (2011)

-- with Beth Gourley at Learning 2.0 in Shanghai, September 2011; see the wiki of the Librarian Strand at Learning 2.0 

Building Internationally Literate Communities (2010)

-- a website created to support a presentation by me and Barb Philip of Tanglin Trust School at the IASL/SLAQ (International Association of School Librarians / School Library Association of Queensland) conference in Brisbane, Australia, September 2010

Hands On Literacy Conference (2010)

Hands On Literacy Conference (2008)

-- websites created by me to support a one-day conference organized by our Singapore international school librarian network, ISS-LN .  NB: The third Hands on Literacy will be held in November 2012.  See for this year's line-up.  This time I am not on the organizing committee, I'm just presenting a workshop.

Resourcing the PYP (2010)

-- a website created by me to support a PYP Job-Alike workshop presented by me and Megan Graff of the Canadian International School on April 26, 2010

Red Dot Awards -- official website (soon to be updated to 2012-2013

Red Dot Awards 2011-2012

Red Dot Awards 2010-2011

Red Dot Awards 2009-2010

-- websites created by me to support the children's choice book award initiated by our Singapore international school librarian network

Easy Web Design with Weebly (2009)

-- a website created to support a workshop offered at TeachIT in Singapore on November 21, 2009 by me and Barb Philip (Tanglin Trust School).

Digital Gist: Harnessing digital content for the library and learning: an inquiry into texts online in audio, video, and e-book formats (2009)

-- a wiki created by me and Beth Gourley to support a presentation at 21st Century Learning @Hong Kong, September 17-19, 2009

Connecting East (2009)

-- optional PD initiative to introduce online web tools for educators to our staff.  Developed by me and Keri-Lee Beasley, Term 2, 2008-2009, based on the 23 Things movement.

-- the blog -- where weekly tasks are introduced

-- the wiki -- reference site where tools and tasks are presented for four levels of users:  Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert

Hands On Literacy Conference

-- a website created by me to support a one-day conference organized by our Singapore international school librarian network, ISS-LN

Social Software in School and Life (2007)

-- a workshop presented at TeachIT 2007 in Singapore by me and Barb Philip -- on collecting, organizing, and sharing information, and the tools we can't live without.  We set up a wiki page for everyone attending to contribute to -- and we started it off with a collection of our own social software projects.

The Long Tail of Narrative Space and the Information Landscape: its implications for schools and libraries (2006)

-- Material gathered in early 2006 on future trends, social software, and school libraries, including a 'commonplace book' wiki, bookmarks, and book list.  Produced by me and Beth Gourley as preparation for and summary of a workshop -- and not modified since then.