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Student Librarians: Home

A club for Y5 & 6 students who wish to train to assist in the library

Order in the Library

The Dewey Decimal System

Why become a Student Librarian?

•To be a positive role model for library users

•To assist in developing a sense of student ownership of the library

•To provide student input

•To promote the library to other students

•To extend your skills in using the library

•To work as part of a team

•To assist with a range of library duties

Lunchtime Duties





1.   Ask the Library Staff if you can help them in any way
Running errands


2.   Assist students who may need help finding a book or using a computer



3.   Straighten up the books on the shelves – have books standing upright

            Non-fiction       Check the books are in the correct numerical order.
      Fiction             Check the books are in the correct alphabetical order.


4.   Fill any empty spaces in the face-out shelf displays.


5.  Five minutes before closing time, remind students using the library that they need to get ready to leave soon.  Spend the last few minutes at the end of lunchtime having a quick tidy-up to finish your duty - cushions on the window seat, rubbish collected


6.   Be cheerful and approachable to everybody using the library, so that they all
      see it as a friendly place to visit.



  Well done and thank you!






Subject Guide