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Librarian's Knowledge Sharing Workshop - Job Alike Weekend: Home

For Librarians from FOBISSEA Schools and the Kuala Lumpur Librarians' Network on 5 & 6th October 2012.

Dilijit Singh- President of IASL


Alice Smith School - Equine Park

Marj Osborne opens the workshop

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Librarians' Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2012

The Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur would like to invite the Librarians from the FOBISSEA Schools and the Kuala Lumpur Librarians' Network to join us for a Knowledge Sharing Workshop at our Equine Park campus from 5 to 6th October 2012.

When first conceiving the idea to coordinate this gathering we thought to organise a FOBISSEA JAW but, in the spirit of sharing that the library profession does so well,  we would also like to invite the school librarians in our Kuala Lumpur Librarians' Network and as some of these schools are not FOBISSEA members this precludes the event from being an official FOBISSEA JAW. This has been discussed with FOBISSEA administration and they have kindly offered to promote this event with FOBISSEA schools.

We have deviated from the FOBISSEA JAWS format by inviting Marj Kirkland, former National President of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, and a member of the Australian Children’s Literature Alliance Board. to attend as keynote speaker and facilitator for two of the proposed workshops. Please find more information about Marj by following this link

We hope that you will be able to join us for this invaluable networking opportunity. There will be a small fee of USD80 to cover costs and an additional fee for the social networking evening.

Barb Reid                                                     Rob George





Final details

27 September 2012

Hi Delegates

It is only one week to go before our workshops. Barb and I are feeling the strain but still managing to smile.

I would like to use this email to pass on some essential information so that we get the smoothest start to this exciting CPD weekend.

Facilitators should have received an email last week asking them for any requirements they may have, and providing them with access to their page on the website. If you did not receive this email please contact us.

Emergency Contact:

Rob George:                  +60(0)17 269 5535
Barb Reid:                     +60(0)13 739 6861
Alice Smith Equine Park: +60(0)3 9543 3699

Money Exchange

Available at KLIA... or at Midvalley mall adjacent to Boulevard Hotel.

Arrival at KLIA/LCCT

There are two completely separate terminals at KL airport... they use the same runways but are physically far apart. LCCT is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal and if you are flying with Air Asia this is where you will arrive. For all other carriers you will arrive at the main terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Both terminals are reasonably easy to navigate and you just follow the signs to immigration... but be aware that at KLIA if your flight comes into the satellite gates that you will have to use the internal transfer train to get over to immigration.

Taxis from KLIA/LCCT For both KLIA and LCCT

The procedure is much the same – as you come through Customs Control you will see Taxi Booths these are for official taxis and are fixed price... unless you are a larger group ask for a Budget Taxi and tell them your destination. For most of you the destination will be the Boulevard Hotel at Midvalley and the fare will be about RM75 (US$25) and this can be paid by cash or credit card. You will be given tickets to present to the taxis. At KLIA just follow the signs to the taxis, it’s easy J at LCCT you will already have had good exercise getting to Immigration, then after Customs and buying your taxi ticket you have to hike again to the taxis, it is left out of the terminal building then follow the pavement round and you have to do a little bit of road crossing when you get to the Coffee Bean outlet... any problems just ask, most Malaysians have good English skills. The taxis to Boulevard hotel will take about 45 mins.

Trains and Busses from KLIA/LCCT

... my advice is take the taxi! ... if you insist on being environmentally friendly... The KLIA Express goes from the basement of the KLIA terminal and it is a non-stop 28 min trip to Sentral Station... tickets can be purchased beside the luggage belts before you pass through Customs Control and cost RM35/person one way. The train is great but at Sentral you will have to find the taxi rank that has a booth for prepayment before you join the taxi queue for the taxi to the Boulevard Hotel. It does not make sense to try to take the KLIA Express if you are arriving at LCCT. ...from LCCT... if you are brave you can take the bus to Sentral it only costs RM9 with tickets purchased in the same area as taxi tickets. Once you get to Sentral as with the KLIA Express you still need to take a taxi to the Boulevard Hotel.

Boulevard Hotel

You will have made bookings directly with the Hotel thus your check in should be seamless. I will be checking with the hotel on this Friday that they have all the booking that I’m expecting. The Boulevard Hotel is part of a large shopping mall development called Midvalley Megamall and it is attached to another huge shopping mall called The Gardens... if you want an easy life you can find everything you need in the malls... the only problem really is that you cannot easily walk or take public transport other than taxis to any other parts of KL. The nearest area of street-side restaurants and bars are in an area called Bangsar Baru and that is about 5-10 minutes by taxi... the city centre shops and restaurants area is at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail area and that is about 15-20 minutes by taxi.

Optional Libraries Tour (Thursday 4th October)


08.45 Pick up at Sentral for those not staying at Boulevard Hotel. At Sentral the bus will be at the entrance adjacent to the Malaysian Airlines Desks

09.00 Pick up at Boulevard Hotel... Barb Reid will be at the Boulevard Hotel to check all onto the bus but Denise Miller of the Australian International School Malaysia will take over as shepherd as Barb needs to go back to out Primary Campus. The tour will then travel to the libraries at the International School as Desa Park City / Garden International School / Alice Smith Primary School as on the main program. Lunch will be provided at the Alice Smith School. Please bring a bottle of water with you. The tour bus should be completed and back at Boulevard/Sentral by 14.15

Main Workshops commence Friday 5th October

YOU MUST BE AT BUSES ON TIME, DUE TO TRAFFIC CONDITIONS THEY MUST LEAVE PROMPTLY... if you miss the bus you would need to take a taxi to The Alice Smith School at Equine Park near to Seri Kembangan (25km from Boulevard Hotel)

08.15 Pick up at Sentral...

08.30 Pick up at Boulevard Hotel.
The Journey to our secondary campus will take about 45 minutes.

If you have an eReader of any sort please bring it to Friday’s session if you can.

Networking Dinner at Sheraton Imperial Hotel – Friday 5th October @ 7.00pm for 7.30pm

There are 24 of us getting together at this time, however, you will need to arrange your own transport for this event. We will say more about this during the day of Friday 5th October... but please be aware that for those who have not opted for the free-flow wine package that drinks other than standard cold water are at your own expense and are VERY EXPENSIVE. If you want to be added to the list enjoying free-flow wine you can pay RM40 to Barb or I during the first day of the conference.

That looks like more than enough information for now. We are looking forward to spending valuable professional time with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us over the coming week if you require any further information.

Kind regards,

Barb Reid & Rob George