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KLASS Primary Library: Our Policies

Primary Library Policies

  • FS1 - Pre School 1 Book 1 Week
    FS2 - Reception 2 Books 1 Week
    KS1 - Year 1 & 2 4 Books 1 Week
    KS2 - Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 6 Books 2 Weeks
    JB Parents 20 Books 2 Weeks
    Teaching Staff 100 Books 1 Term
    Non-Teaching Staff 10 Books 2 Weeks
  • Overdue notices will be generated regularly.

    First overdue notices will be emailed to everybody every 4 weeks. Borrowers will be reminded of any overdue title when checking out library books and restricted to the loan limit allowances.

    Second overdue notices will be emailed to class teachers to remind the children to return their books every 2 weeks after the first notices.

    As part of encouraging our students to be responsible and independent, we would prefer the children to return their own books every week as part of their library lesson. Even if they haven't finish the book and want to renew it for another week, they will need to bring the book to the lesson in order to learn how to renew their loan, which is an important part of library etiquette; it may also already be under request.
  • In the unfortunate event that books have gone missing, are lost or are damaged beyond repair, the library will issue an invoice for payment by email or printed; a maximum of 50 MYR per book, will be charged. On receipt of payment, the resource will then be removed from the borrowers' loan and put into the library missing list which will be used for checking to restock or replacement. If the books are later to be found and returned in a good condition, we will refund the money.