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An epic dinosaur author coming to our school! 

Nicky Dee will be sharing her amazing knowledge and books with the students for a whole week from Monday 12th November 2018 to Friday 16th November 2018. With fun-packed facts, life-size artefacts and her ever-amazing knowledge of dinosaurs, she is set to enthuse, excite and expand the firm library favourite topic of Dinosaur!

The Bone Wars
A true adventure story full of trains, explosives, sneaky tactics, spying, and dinosaurs! The Bone Wars tells the true story of the battle to be the most famous dinosaur hunter in the world!

What's So Special About Ankylosaurus?
Ankylosaurus is famous for being one of the most heavily armoured dinosaurs, built like a tank! 

What's So Special About Coelophysis?
Coelophysis is one of the best-known dinosaurs, as thousands of fossils were discovered all in one place. 

What's So Special About Diplodocus?
Diplodocus is one of the longest dinosaurs ever to have lived and one of the best-known, as several skeletons have been discovered. Its long, whip-like tail was a wicked weapon!

What's So Special About Leaellynasaura?
Leaellynasaura was a turkey-sized herbivore that survived in a part of Australia that used to be much further south than it is today, attached to a vast polar continent. 

What's So Special About Megalosaurus?
Megalosaurus was the very first dinosaur to be named, identified in 1824 from bones including a portion of a jaw with large teeth. 

What's So Special About Stegosaurus?
Stegosaurus is described as having a body almost the size of a bus, a head the size of a horse and a brain the size of a walnut!

What's So Special About Triceratops?
Triceratops has one of the largest skulls of any land animal that has ever lived. 

What's So Special About Tyrannosaurus Rex?
T. rex is one of the best killing machines ever to walk the Earth!

Check out Nicky Dee books on display in KS1 Library.

Let's take a look at our dinosaur toys on display in KS1 Library.

Could you name them all?

Our very first session with Year 1.

Year 3 in their first session of the dinosaur assembly.

Pre School roarrr!

Would you run like a T-Rex?

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