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Novel Knockout Competition: 2017

an annual quiz competition for KLs international schools based on 8 novels

This year's competition will be hosted by ISKL on Tuesday 9th May 2017

KLLN's Novel Knockout Competition

The libraians from thr KL international schools have a group called Kuala Lumpur Library Network. Each year they organise a competition for fiction enthusiasts.

There are two levels of competition:

  • Elementary school- for Years 5 - 6
  • Middle school - for Years 7 - 9

Competition Format

Each school can enter two teams of four students at each level of competition.

During the competition there are two types of questions all of which are answered as a team:

  • Envelope questions
    Envelopes containing 10 questions about each book are opened when instructed. These free response questions are answered against the clock in less than 3 minutes - a bonus of 10% is added if the team's answers are submitted in less than 2 minutes.
  • Table questions
    80 randomised multiple questions are launched as the competition stars on iPads using the Socrative app. The teams can continue to answer these questions throughout the first six envelope rounds.

Each envelope question has a value of 1 mark whereas each table question has a value of ¼ of a mark.

2017 Middle School Titles

  • The Hidden Oracle
    - by Rick Riordan - adventure
  • The Girl of Ink and Stars
    - by Kiran Millwood Hargrave - fantasy
  • Bridget
    - by J. Moloney - historical fiction
  • The Lost Boy
    - by Greg Ruth - graphic novel
  • My Name's Not Friday
    - by Jon Walter - historical fiction
  • Cuckoo Song
    - by Frances Hardinge - fantasy fiction
  • Zeroes
    - by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti - suspense crime mystery stories
  • The Boys in The Boat
    - by Daniel James Brown - a biography